Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tips for school and lessons learned

Hey first off sorry about not writing yesterday but I plan to post about every other day I may post every day sometimes but every other days a good time to check back. Ok this post is just about high school and some things I learned and tips I've figured that helped keep me organized and keep on track. First of all for anyone going into high school next year don't be scared it's going to be some of the best times of your life. Don't worry about having friends and where you are going to sit at lunch it will all work itself out. Ok so onto the things I've learned well first off listen to your teachers, do your homework, and study for tests. Now these things may seem obvious but I can't tell you how important they are. Sometimes these little tips may seem stupid but more times then one this will save your life in school. I also suggest finding one good friend in each class and getting his/her number, that way if you ever miss class you can just call that person and find out what happened. One of the most important things I learned this year was label every single paper you have. No matter how stupid or small the paper may seem label it, all these papers will come back to you eventually and it's better to know what they are. For every class I suggest you have a binder and label it with the following categories: Homework, Class work, Notes, Test/Quizzes, and any other specific categories for that subject. Keep all your papers in the binders and your life will be so much easier you can trust me when I say this keeping organized with binders and labels will make your lives so much easier. Well that's it but if you have any tips you'd like to share or you think I forgot anything important please comment.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Computers..... Why is it that we are supposed to basically live our lives off of computers but they can't do anything without messing up? Just today I was writing an important paper on Microsoft Word when the computer must have realized I was almost done and hadn't saved yet. As I'm entering my last page all the while not saving my computer decides it doesn't need Microsoft word running anymore and it pops up a Microsoft Word has encountered a problem and needs to close. It then gives you two choices Send Error Report and Don't Send. What I don't understand is why it can't just let me save my file. But what most people don't know is that computers are also sneaky little pieces of machinery. My laptop makes this constant grinding noise that is extremely annoying and hard to deal with, so I finally decide to bring it in to Geek Squad and the man turns it on where normally it makes a very loud grinding sound that manages to wake me up completely when I'm surfing in the morning and my eyes are still closed. So it just so happens this one time it doesn't make the grinding sound oh lucky day. The guy checks it out tests it, messes with it a little bit and everything seems fine. I think my computer is finally fixed and maybe I'll be able to surf the internet without getting a migrain but no it's never that easy. I get home turn on my computer and the same grinding noise happens, I try putting it on a flat surface like when the man was looking at it but no stopping it. I've just learned to cope with the noise but maybe one day I'll send it in to get fixed. That was just a little rant I had to get off of my chest but if you have anything to say or want to share one of your computer stories please comment and tell me.

What its all about

Ok so after going over all the different topics I could make this blog about I decided to make it about my life. I hope to post every single day or at least every other day and respond to user comments as fast as I can. I hope to make this blog about my life in school, just daily things that happen to me, I also might post interesting websites I find, and review different products. Let me explain my current links, Google News is a default and I didn't want to mess with it. My second is Problogger which is a site that has good articles about blogging and tips for blogs, a definite read. Lifehacker is a productivity guide and has many other interesting things, updated mostly daily and is a great site I suggest you read that too. The fourth is my e-mail address please feel free to e-mail me and I will get back to you as soon as possible you can e-mail me for anything you want, to talk, suggest something anything you can think of. I look forward to getting to know my readers. :)

Changing it up

Today I changed up my blog a little not that much. I added some links on the sidebar one is an address of a very good blogging website I visited and another is my e-mail address so click that to contact me or my address is zekesaber@aol.com. I submitted my blog to a couple sites and sent an e-mail to a person who is a very good blogger asking him for some tips on my blog. It's about 9 in the morning now so I'll probably post some more later about my day and if I come across something interesting.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

About Me

My name is Zeke, I'm in high school and loving every minute of it. I'm a pretty active kid I play sports I like football a lot. I live in Fl. which is nice but it just gets so hot out there. I'm Jewish. I enjoy hanging out with friends but I'm also pretty good about my school work and keep my grades up. My e-mail is Zekesaber@aol.com you can contact me for whatever you want to talk, give me advice on my blog or whatever. Well I'm really excited for getting to know new people and hopefully learning something new.